Peven's Tower

Eyes full of the Sun, Eyes full of Wings

Duac closed his eyes, breathed something. "What now? You vanished two months ago from Caithnard, took our father's ship and left Rood to ride home alone without the faintest idea of where you were. Now you appear out of nowhere, with as much warning, accompanied by the Kings of Hel, an outlawed harpist and a crowned skull. The walls of this house could cave in on my head next and I doubt if I'd be surprised."
He paused a moment; his hold tightened. "Are you all right?"

Deth laughed, his hands linked around his cup. "So. You think, in the midst of this chaos, anything matters?"
"It matters! I have inherited a shape-changer's power. Look..." Something, the wine, his indifference, her hopelessness - made Raederle reckless. She stretched out her hand, held it curved in a motionless caress to the heat and curve of the flame. Deep within her, rousing out of a dormant, lawless heritage, wordless knowledge of fire filled her. She touched the flame, then let it lie in her hand like a flower. "Look," she said, and closed her hand over it. The night fell around her again as the tiny flame died. She saw Deth's face, motionless, unreadable.
His lips parted. "Another riddle," he whispered. "Mathom trained you well to be a riddle-master's wife."

"Then will you come with me?" Morgon whispered. "Becuase I could not bear to leave you."
She put her arms around him, wondering as she did so, what strange and perilous future she had bargained for. She said only, as his arm circled her, not in gentleness this time, but in a fierce and terrified determination, "That's good. Because I swear by Ylon's Name you never will."

(from the Riddlemaster trilogy by Patricia McKillip)
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